Cinématique is a collective of professional filmmakers who strive to create bespoke wedding films of the highest production quality across the UK and abroad.

Combining a wealth of experience, our creative approaches to storytelling, high-end equipment selection and expert levels of technical skill, Cinématique are in the perfect position to craft a lasting, living memory of your special day.



Our team of filmmakers have specialised in many sectors within the creative industry, working on:


Short Films

Creative Documentaries

Television Commercials

Music Videos


Combined, these productions have taken us far and wide both nationally and internationally, providing the perspective and experience to create some of the best wedding films in the market.

Story is everything.

Our films tell stories, your stories. Without narrative, all we have is pretty footage to look at.

Before we start filming, we love to get to know our couples.


How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal? What are your favourite things about each other? 

Using the golden moments from your wedding day, paired with perfect audio bites from the ceremony and speeches, we can then then begin to craft your unique love story.

The best tools.

Using the latest and greatest filmmaking kit, Cinématique are well-equipped to film your wedding with multiple cameras in glorious Ultra-High-Definition 4K, ensuring we capture every golden detail.

You can't have a great wedding film without great audio.

Cinématique use a collection of professional microphones to make sure we capture those all-important vows and speeches. These mics are wireless, non-obtrusive and most couples forget they even exist.

Trained in cinematography, the Cinématique team know how to shape the natural light around our subjects, enhancing the overall look and feel of the shot, resulting in the most flattering looks on your special day. In spaces where natural light is restricted, Cinématique (where possible) are able to use external lights to help lift and enhance our subjects that little bit more.

Cinématique have a fully-qualified and insured Drone Operator to help capture some incredible aerial shots of your gorgeous wedding location. (restrictions may apply).

Technical skill.

As graduates of the world-renowned Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Cinématique have a great understanding of how to use our equipment to the highest standard. Unlike traditional wedding films, where the camera is left to sit on a tripod, we use dynamic camera movements paired with the latest filmmaking tools to effortlessly replicate those Hollywood-style shots from your favourite movies.

We're biased and we know our work is completely subjective. Why don't you check out our latest Cinématique film and decide for yourself?​

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